(These are currently out of stock.  I am waiting on the Machine Shop to open up to machine the newly design pod plates.  Pre-Order now and get priority as soon as the next batch comes in.)


Complete 2021 Mertz Racing Rock Star Modified. The 2021 car will have a redesigned rear pod which you will no longer need the spacers for rubber tires and the pod is slightly narrower.  Car comes built. Kit includes:

-Mertz Racing Rock Star Modified Conversion Kit

-Pemberton Front End

-Lightweight IRS Hubs and rear axle assembly.

-Full Ball Bearings

-Aero1 Modified Body.


Just add tires and electronics and you are ready to go. Car does take about 1-5 days before shipping depending on the parts currently in stock. 

2021 Complete Rock Star Modified (PRE-ORDER)

SKU: MR9907