This is the Mertz Racing Offset Sprint Car Chassis for the Custom Works Outlaw 4.  This is a direct replacement with a 1/2" Offset.  This chassis has all of the same mounting locations as the stock chassis.  This chassis features a stiffer design to not rely on chassis flex but rather rely on the suspension for more consistent handling.  This also features numerous weight locations using Hyperdrive Bolt On Brass Weights.  This has a slightly longer nose for more front end down force.  This has a 1/2" Offset.  This design uses GFRP Brass or Aluminum Battery Holders.  Base price of $100 is for the Carbon Chassis Plate with Battery Hold Down and Shock Tower only.  Locators and Weights are additional.


Weights - p/n HD-8111

Brass Locators - p/n GFR-1171

Aluminum Locators - p/n GFR-1236

Mertz Racing Offset Sprint Car Chassis (PRE-ORDER)