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  Mertz Racing MR2020  

About the Latest Car

2020-06-11 017.JPG

The latest version of my car is the Mertz Racing MR2020.  This car has the option to run a T-Plate or Links.  You can swap from one to the other in between rounds.  The Standard Kit comes with a GFRP Front end, Associated Side Shocks, IRS Center Shock and IRS Lightweight Hubs.  Shown here with the T-Plate

2020-06-11 014.JPG

Shown here with links.

2020-06-11 015.JPG
2020-06-11 016.JPG
2020-06-11 010.JPG
2020-06-11 006.JPG

This is the Conversion Kit with T-Plate.

This is the Conversion Kit with Links.

This is a complete 513 Conversion Kit.  What you see in the picture, is how it arrives.

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