Mertz Racing 513  

The latest version of my car is the Mertz Racing 513.  The 20015-2016 Season was the first season on the new car and it proved to be highly successful.  The 513 features a brass battery tray standard.

About the Latest Car

Just like the original version, you can use any T-Bar of your choice.  It is drilled for standard T-Bars, Hyperdrive/McPappy, RIP Short or CEFX Lithium style.  The preferred T-Bar that tends to work the best is the CEFX design.  I also have my have my own line of  Short and Long CEFX Style T-Bars that have worked very well. 

Just like my original car designed a few years back, this car has the option to move the body mounts as close to the rear tires as possible.  I personally prefer this for two reasons.  I feel having the body mounts on the shock tower can affect your handling from the body moving around.  The second reason is with the lightweight bodies, you have a lesser chance of body flex on the rear section with the body mounts further back.

The shock tower designed for chassis body mounts, you have the option of running longer side shocks if you desire.  You can also see in the shot that there is plenty of room for big gears.

This is the shock tower where the body mounts are located on the shock tower.  With this car, you have the option for either location.

This is a complete 513SG Conversion Kit.  The 513SG is designed for the black carpet.  This will also work on gray carpet.

This is a complete 513 Conversion Kit.  What you see in the picture, is how it arrives.

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