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Custom Parts 

Some of my designs that also fit other cars.

I offer a standard bumper and a short COT/Truck Bumper.  They do fit RIP and Hyperdrive cars.  They will fit any car where the bumper mounting holes are 3.00" apart.

The newly redesigned R5 front end blocks are the first on the market like this.  First of all, these are the best of both worlds.  This block uses the Standard R5 setup or the R5 Lower A-Arm and the Old style Caster Block and Upper A-Arm.   The second change is angling the bottom A-Arm.  I rotated it 4 degrees off the center of the pivot ball in the lower A-Arm.  By angling the bottom arm, it gives a ton more clearance for the steering rods and more adjustability for your Ackerman angles without affecting the performance or geometry of the front end.  The bolt pattern on the bottom fits standard pan chassis'.  

As you can see on the car the angle of the lower A-Arm.  This view shows how it doesn't affect any of the normal front end geometry.

This view shows how much clearance you now have for your steering rod.

 This view shows the new Hybrid R5 blocks.  These use the R5 bottom half and the old style caster block and upper A-Arm.

These T-Bars are the first of it's kind.  This gives you two options for the rear pivots.  By simply moving the rear pivot location on the t-bar, you don't have to change the entire t-bar when adjusting your rear bite.  I offer these in Spring Steel and Fiberglass.

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