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 Rock Star Modified 

About the Latest Car

Approved for SK-KAR Competition is the Mertz Racing 513 Rock Star Modified. This car features more left side offset than most cars if not all currently on the market.  The geometry on the car such as the front end, rear end and pivot points all match the 513 Pan Cars.  The chassis is designed to match the Aero 1 Modified Body.

The entire year pod is exactly what is found on the 513 Pan Cars.

Just like the 513 Pan Cars, you can use any T-Bar of your choice.  It is drilled for standard T-Bars, Hyperdrive/McPappy, RIP Short or CEFX Lithium style.  The preferred T-Bar that tends to work the best is the CEFX design.  I also have my have my own line of  Short and Long T-Bars that have worked very well. 

This is what you receive when you order a conversion kit.

 This is what you receive when you order a Full Roller.

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